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    [moved] power button hack?

    Hi all,

    I'm using Nokia N70.
    I've just managed to execute a file called 'startup.exe' (while the phone was turned on) and now the power button doesn't do anything, applications won't start, the media button is not working, etc.

    My question is, can I restart the phone without pulling out the battery? (i.e. a *#xxxx# code)

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    Re: [moved] power button hack?

    What would be the problem on not removing the battery ?
    Currently I can not remember any public API for restarting, but there is surely some non-public ones.
    Also you can at least type the resetting things in idle screen and get the device to re-start (and reset).

    Also, maybe you should chekc what the 'startup.exe' is doing, and if it is having negative efects, it might be better not to run it really..

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