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Thread: AutoStart Query

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    AutoStart Query

    I want my app to auto start on device reboot.
    I followed instructions @http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/How_to_autostart_an_application_on_boot_up_in_3rd-_Startup_List_Management_API

    I do not have .rsc file in my case; instead, I have .r01

    In my pkg file, I tried
    "\Epoc32\data\06000001.r10" -"c:\private\101f875a\import\[06000001].r10"
    "\Epoc32\data\06000001.r10" -"c:\private\101f875a\import\[06000001].rsc"

    But, none of the above autostarted my app.

    When I changed, in my mmp, 'LANG 01' to 'LANG SC', .rsc is generated and
    "\Epoc32\data\06000001.rsc" -"c:\private\101f875a\import\[06000001].rsc" works!

    My query is, how do I cater to multi-language scenario?
    How do I include my .r01 or .r32 or whatever resource file in pkg file for auto start to work?

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    Re: AutoStart Query

    The name of the exe file, as specified in the MMP file, the *_reg.rss and the [06000001].rss (weird UID btw) is not localized. So what exactly is your need for a localized startup registration file coming from?
    -- Lucian

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