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    jar file not working in mobile

    Hi EveryOne,

    I am developing simple application i.e navigate one page to another.It is working fine in Emulator but not working in my mobile.Buttons and text components are not working in mobile only display is coming.

    Can any one tell me why this problem is coming.

    Thanks n Regards,
    Piyush Dhamija

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    Re: jar file not working in mobile


    You said its working on Emulator so you must have specified setCommandListener properly. By the way on which mobile are you testing? In some mobiles the center key press dont select the option we have to do that with right or left soft keys. If thats the problem then look at it.

    Do you get any error or not? If not then try to debug your code properly.
    Mobile Application Developer

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    Re: jar file not working in mobile


    On which mobile r u testing.Firstly u should clear it what r u using canvas or form or any other and what is display on your mobile.


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