I was developing a application regarding the repeat rule. I have noticed some issues regarding this. If you know any possiblity solve this problems plz help me..Even there is no clear documents also.
Series 40:
1) If the user sets the INTERVAL field of the Repeat to more than one its not Returning at all while we try to use the getint method. In the Forum library itself saying that
there is no field interval supported in series 40. Then how they are allowing the user to Set the interval values to 2 or 3 etc.
2) If we use the rule.GetFields() method in the RepeatRule class to get the fields assigned with the event then It also not returning the Field interval with it.. Its only returning the end and frequency etc fields.
3) If we tried to get the supported fields by eventlist.GetSuppotedRepeatRule fields(fre) method Its returning the VAlues supported in the default event list.This case also If the user doesn't set the Value for any one of the repeat fields then its giving exceptions. Here also the Interval field is not accessible by the code.
What is the real problem going on in this, Its a API problem or i did some mistake?
Really i am confused by this repeat rule class.If anybody have clear idea help me.

My simple question is HOW TO GET ALL THE ASSIGNED REPEAT RULE FIELDS WITH THAT PARTICULAR EVENT and If the user didnt assigned any values with a field means how can we set the Default value for that fields while using the setInt() and set date() methods..