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    authentication failed with devkit

    I am trying to upload a widget using widset development kit,devkit by first logging in to the widsets site using the below command at the cmd prompt:

    devkit --proxy pryxyaddrort --auth usr pwd --site default login usr pwd

    But, I am getting a
    "Server responsed: 407 Proxy Authentication Required"

    I have all access to the internet.
    Can someone tell me how to upload the user defined widgets onto the site.


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    Re: authentication failed with devkit

    the proxy requires authentication, but the devkit doesn't support it. The usr and pwd parameters are not for proxy authentication, but for web authentication in widsets http service. If you ask 'what for?' - my answer is - I don't know. Seems that developers thought that they needed it for some reasons.

    Currently widsets service doesn't require web authentication, so you never should set usr and pwd in devkit.

    As a solution, you can disable proxy authentication (use ip filter instead for instance), or, if you can administrate the proxy, set up a proxy tunneling tool, which would allow you to run a proxy on your PC (localhost) and pass traffic via your current proxy (parent proxy). The settings for proxy authentication would be in configuration file for that tunnel proxy. For devkit it would be a proxy at localhost w/o authentication.

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