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    Bluetooth comunication

    Hi guys,
    i've a problem. I would create an application where i can comunicate with a PC throught bluetooth. I just activate bluetooth on my device (N95) and i select the pc from a list of active devices. I want to use the same communication implemented in BluetoothPMPExample. My application should work like this:
    1) my device connects to the PC;
    2) the PC acts as a central server because it stores various info;
    3) once the device connects to the PC, it must send the information at regular intervals.
    I do not know how the PC can send this info: I do not want that these info are sent as SMS to the device.
    How can I send this info from the pc if the pc does not implements symbian?
    Anyone have any idea and / or examples?
    Thank you very much

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    Re: Bluetooth comunication

    you will have to write another application for your pc.
    You can write that application in C++ or java or any language.

    You will have to listen and send on PC com on which BT is connected with your device.
    I guess for tips how to do that you will have to ask on different forum.

    On the mobile you can start with creating such an application which connect witt PC bluetooth and on pc launch Hyper Terminal for example and check if you can communicate with mobile device.

    good luck

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