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    Exclamation Java Verified signing - Explanation

    Hi guys, after reading twice the Ovi Publisher Guide, I'm not completely sure that the doc says that a Java ME application needs Java Verified.

    I see two obligations:

    1- The app must be pre-tested and fulfill Java Verified requirements
    2- The app must be signed appropriately

    In point 1, it's not clear if we need a Java Verified signing process or just to have the application fulfill the requirements. It doesn't talk about a Java Verified process or "pre-tested by an official house" or a more direct way to say that.

    And if I read only point 2, a Verisign certificate can "sign appropiately" a Java ME application for a Nokia device. It doesn't say what kind of certificate.

    Any opinion? Any final word from OVI team?

    Anyway, I think this must be more clear in the doc.

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    Re: Java Verified signing - Explanation


    The signing process has been update. This article might give you an answer.


    Good Luck

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    Re: Java Verified signing - Explanation

    Good wiki article, but I don't think it helps the original poster, who asked for clarification for guidelines regarding "Ovi Publish" for selling Java applications through "Ovi Store".

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    Re: Java Verified signing - Explanation


    I would also be very interested for a clarification from Nokia on the 2 questions in the original post.

    Up til now I have taken the previous statement of "Head of Ovi Publish" to mean that a Java app would need to have gone through the Java Verified process by a JV testing house.

    If this is not the case and a Java app simply needs to meet the requirements imposed by JV and that then Nokia would check this and then themselves sign the application for listing in Ovi store, than that is a very different and very much better prospect.


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