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    How to get information from SIM card...

    Hi all!
    Does it posible to get anything from SIM card? and How could i know the current SIM use which operator in midlet. Please any idea.


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    Re: How to get information from SIM card...

    Hi chaoraksa ,

    In a GSM network the phone does not need to know the phone number (MSISDN) associated with the SIM card's serial number (IMSI) for anything.

    The phone never sends the number to the network when a call is being made, a message is being sent, or a packet data connection is made, etc. Only the IMSI is known/sent (and the IMEI, the phone's serial number on specific occasions).

    The network side does not need the MSISDN from the phone or ask it from the phone. Ever. The "mapping" to a phone number is done purely on the network side (unless blocked for calls) based on the IMSI (the network looks up the number in the VLR/HLR server databases). This, by the way, allows you to change your phone number without changing the SIM card (if the operator allows for it).

    A network operator could actually store the MSISDN on the SIM card, but few do/bother, because it isn't used for anything. Even when it would be stored, you can't rely on it always being there, and there aren't many (or any) phones that'd allow you to get to it using apps created by public SDKs.

    Note that some operators do add the MSISDN to HTTP headers when you make a WAP connection (through their WAP gateway). Again, it is not the browser on the phone doing it, but the network operator. Most operators don't do this either. Some might do for a specific destination site, but for a fee. I don't think any do, if the traffic does not go through their WAP gateway (i.e., an Internet access point is used).

    And you can get the Operators IP address i.e their SMSC IP adress . if you have a list of operator's Ip adress You can find at the server side this has come with so and so operator. For that server side you have to use request.getRemoterAddress() method.

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