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    Explain me more about "wireless.messaging.sms.smsc".

    Hi all!
    I still wonder that does System.getProperty("wireless.messaging.sms.smsc"); get data from Sim card or phone. and does it posible to write new smsc and set it active using midlet.


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    Re: Explain me more about "wireless.messaging.sms.smsc".

    To guess the network operator you can use the "wireless.messaging.sms.smsc" property.

    Well since there's no direct way to get this information we can do the following:

    If the phone supports WMA there should be a system property "wireless.messaging.sms.smsc". By knowing the used SMSC we can guess which mobile network operator is used:

    The following should get the SMSC:

    String smsc = System.getProperty("wireless.messaging.sms.smsc");

    Then "smsc" containst the SMSC as a String.

    Now all you have to know is which operator uses which SMSC.


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