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Thread: Form View

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    Form View

    whenever i add a Form view to my project the following two files are created:
    1.MyAppForm.cpp/MyAppForm.h/MyAppForm.hrh and so on
    2.MyAppFormView.cpp/MyAppFormView.h/MyAppFormView.hrh and so on

    But the MyAppFormView files are not created in the Birthday example given in the Carbide tutorial.

    Is the MyAppFormView necessary?

    Also i cannot go Back from the Form.How do i navigate back to my application from the Form?

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    Re: Form View

    A view class is generated because in the UI generator wizard you have left the option for view support enabled. If you are developing a multiview application then you need that option. If you don't then you don't. But it is only you who knows that and you are responsible for making sure the tool gets you what you need.

    As for going "back" (to the previous view I guess, but wait, you don't have views ...) you will have to review the generated code an understand what it does an why it does so. The code generated for a view form might not match your non-view project so you may have to fix the problem either by generating a better fitting form or by writing the needed glue code manually (or both).
    -- Lucian

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