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    Remote Device Access(RDA) Service Error?

    i open the link "http://apu.ndhub.net" to use RDA service.

    but it's pop the error message when i click "start" button of any device:
    "Firefox can't find this file: http://apu.ndhub.net/launchdevui.jnlp?id=21"
    i meet this problem about 2 weeks and can't resolve it.
    i used it OK on the same PC one month before.

    i'm using Firefox 3.0.7, JRE 1.5.x

    Is RDA service down?
    does anybody meet same trouble?

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    Smile Re: Remote Device Access(RDA) Service Error?

    You should ask your RDA related questions on its ongoing thread: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=109835
    Nokia Developer Wiki Moderation team

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    Re: Remote Device Access(RDA) Service Error?

    TO Access Remote device you need devui_*.jnlp file. Also need ports 80 and 1200 open.

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