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    Nokia 7650 Anchor element text does not wrap

    When viewing a page with anchor elements within a paragrah element the anchor text always wraps - even with the paragraph mode attribute set to "nowrap" and the Text Wrapping browser setting set to 'Off'. Is this a feature of the Nokia7650 browser or is there a way to make the anchor text not wrap?
    So far, the only way I have found to make anything not wrap is to have the paragraph element empty of everything but text, set it as "nowrap" and set the browser wrap settings accordingly.
    Several other phones on the market allow the anchor links to extend of the screen and are scrolled right to left when highlighted.

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    RE: Nokia 7650 Anchor element text does not wrap


    It is a browser feature that paragraphs that contain focusable elements (like images, input elements or links) cannot be truncated or be non-wrapping. The link text will wrap automatically, when needed, and the attribute value mode=?nowrap? has no effect for such paragraphs.

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