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    Question Java memory allowance.


    I am developing a Java application on a Nokia 6300. I am looking for some documentation that indicates how much memory a single Java application is allowed on my phone. Can someone please tell me where to look?



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    Re: Java memory allowance.

    If you go to the device specification section of the forum, you can find specs for all Nokia devices, like you 6300.

    Under "Memory Functions", you'll find that the largest JAR you can install is 1Mb, and the available heap memory is 2Mb. (The device can only run one Java application at a time, so this is not shared.)

    What it doesn't tell you is how much RMS (persistent storage) an application is allowed. I think you get 256k, but don't quote me.


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    Re: Java memory allowance.

    Thanks, thats great.


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