I'm working on a location based service using GPS via Bluetooth. I've been reading articles of Bob Hopkins 'Bluetooth and GPS'.
I was trying to use his examples to connect to my GPS device (Nokia LD-4W). You can easily find it on the web and download these examples.
As you know WTK only emulates bluetooth connection. To bypass this problem I used Mpowerplayer and avetanaBluetooth implementation as the author of the article suggested.
Everthing's perfectly fine till this line:
StreamConnection connection = (StreamConnection)Connector.open(btConnectionURL);

This raises an exception:
java.io.IOException: de.avetana.bluetooth.stack.BlueZException: Failed to connect socket
at javax.microedition.io.Connector.open(Connector.java:93)
at javax.microedition.io.Connector.open(Connector.java:41)
at BluetoothGPSMidlet$COMMReader.run(BluetoothGPSMidlet.java:242)

Devices are properly detected, I choose my GPS (Nokia LD-4W), services are discovered as well, the connection URL is displayed, I choose Connect, then application switches screen to dataViewForm and throws the exception.
I've also tried to use Microemulator with blueCove with the same result. I work on Windows XP SP3, bluetooth USB dongle (Microsoft stack).
I am really frustrated and have no idea what causes the problem. Any help would be really appriciated.
Btw I can't run these examples on my mobile (SE K800i), after compiling it, as well (CLDC 1.1, MIDP 2.0) because of an application error info during starting it.
Both, bluetooth USB dongle and GPS seem to work fine, navigation software using it works perfectly fine.