Dear all,
Sorry for my poor English.
I am working on read and write the contacts in the address book by JSR 75.
When the application calls the methods in JSR 75 many times on Nokia 5630d (S60 3rd FP2, Symbian OS v9.3), such as ContactList.removeContact or PIMItem.commit method, the performance would become slower and slower, and might hang sometimes. The application hasn't signed by manufacturer yet, so these two methods I mention above would show the system dialog with alert message "Allow application XXX read/write contact list?", "Allow application XXX to update item YYY in Contacts?", or "Allow application XXX to delete item YYY from Contacts?".

I have no way to handle the problem about the application hang when read/write the contact list, I had tried to add some time delay by Thread.sleep() between the application calls these methods, but it still no use.

Whether the problem is handset problem, or we could use another way to solve the hang problem?

Please give me the advise and comments, thanks a lot.