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    problems with midlets on nokia 7210 and general questions

    Hi all!

    I'm working on a J2ME game for embedded devices in a team.
    Right now were only focusing on MIDP and CLDC 1.0 for tiny devices such as nokia 7210 (my own).

    Weve got few questions wed love to be answered:

    1) How can we manage to download and run a midlet from the wap.
    We still get errors such as "invalid file" or "no response", "wrong file format"...
    (you can try with www.widefield-computing.com/index.wml)
    Would you know any websites working on the 7210 ? )
    I read something that sounds very bad.
    The 7210 with firmware 2.18 does not support OTA downloadsK Could you please confirm K its FALSE (..or it sucks !!!!)

    2) Weve got a web server and I read about mimes types to enable wap browsing ? Would you know anything precious about it ... or useful links ?

    3) Finally, well need svg for graphics and tiny animations. We cant manage to view any simple svg graphics from the server, on the phone.
    What do we have to change on the server (mimes) ? What about the mobile client and SVG players for Mobil phones (nokia 7210 and others). We tried things but no success ?
    Did you already have such problems?

    It would be so nice if you could share your experience and tell us a bit more about it !
    Thank you so much for your time!
    Nicolas WEBER - nico_web@hotmail.com

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    RE: problems with midlets on nokia 7210 and general questions


    To be able to download Midlets to the phone, you will need to configure the web server correctly with appropriate MIME types. First you will need to package the Midlet according to instructions and then you should have two files: one .jad file and a .jar file. Then you need to add correct MIME types registered for the .jad and . jar files and these are: text/vnd.sun.j2me.app-descriptor (*.jad) and application/java-archive (*.jar).

    Nokia 7210 WAP Browser does not support svg graphics. The supported image formats are WMBP and GIF. Also animated GIFs are supported so you can view animations by using that format. Please take a look at the documents "Nokia WAP Phone Characteristics" and "Nokia WAP Phone MIME types" for more detailed information about the features in the browser of each Nokia WAP Phone. The document can be found from http://www.forum.nokia.com/documents.

    Hopefully I was able to help!

    Kind regards,
    Satu/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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