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    SetTextL problem

    we have a problem with SetTextL(). the screen has 2 text boxes: in the first textbox we accept a string which is used for retrieval from the database, and is displayed in the second textbox. the emulator crashes immediately when we click on the show menu option. we tried putting the last statement [iEdit2->DrawNow();] in the handle menu command event and the rest in edit1 state changed event, but the emulator still crashes, though the retrieval code worked. plz go thru our code below and provide suggestions for modification.

    Bool CpooContainerView::HandleShowMenuItemSelectedL( TInt aCommand )
    // TODO: implement selected event handler
    TInt length=iEdit1->TextLength();
    HBufC* buffer = HBufC::NewLC(length);
    TPtr ptr = buffer->Des();

    iEdit1->GetText( ptr );
    CPooDatabase* PooDb = CPooDatabase::NewL();


    RArray<TPooTableItem> iPooTableItemArray;

    iPooTableItemArray = PooDb->GetPooTableRecordsByKeyL(ptr);




    return ETrue;

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    Re: SetTextL problem

    Quote Originally Posted by joteddy123 View Post
    , but the emulator still crashes
    See this: Extended Panic Code
    Nokia Developer Wiki Moderation team

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    Re: SetTextL problem

    Also try to run in debug mode, so that u can get idea about where (in which statement) is the problem.

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