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Thread: SIP/RTP session

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    SIP/RTP session

    someone can answer me:
    - Is it essential to use SIP to send data in real time by RTP (mobile to mobile)?

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    Re: SIP/RTP session

    At least easier to use built in SIP profile.

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    Re: SIP/RTP session

    If you need to send data peer-to-peer than the answer is yes. This protocol is used in the IP-telephony. But there is another solution - multicasting. But that depends on your needs.

    In other words SIP if you need 'Sessioning'.

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    Re: SIP/RTP session

    thank you for the reply,
    in fact, I want to send a few seconds of video from mobile to mobile in real time. I found that the only way to make a connection M2M:
    1 - CSD -> ignored for this case, CSD does not
    2 - RTP for the transport and SIP for managing sessions
    other solution?

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    Re: SIP/RTP session

    what is your target?
    pushing data to another terminal?
    csd is not available for S60 3rd and later devices.
    using SIP/RTP could be a good choice.
    however,you need to design how to initialize communication(not SIP initializing) .

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