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    How can I create a WLAN access point without using standart AP-selecting dialog 2009

    SDK: S60_5th_Edition_SDK_v0.9
    Device: Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

    I need my app to be able to connect to a specific WLAN access point, which is configured as opened, non-secure with non-hidden SSID. So my app has detected the SSID successfully and it needs to connect to some TCP-server working in the WLAN network. I don't have questions concerning working with sockets but with CommDB instead. Or if there is another way?? The socket API takes IAP id as one of the paremeters. The AP i am trying to connect is not yet in the CommDB. I need to put it there myself.

    The question is not new but i found that it has not ready answer.

    Every solution i met was pointing to CApDataHandler and CApAccessPointItem usage. But those are marked as deprecated.

    There are plenty examples with GPRS AP. But i have not found any with WLAN CommDB records.

    Need help. I'm stuck!
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