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    Resume MIDlet after phone call using platformRequest


    I have created a MIDlet where I use the platformRequest to make a phone call.
    This works fine, but i want my MIDlet to get focus after the call has ended. (which is how it works SonyEricsson devices)

    I have done some tests using MIDlet.resumeRequest(), but the only way I have been able to maximize my midlet is by setting Display.setCurrent to my canvas.
    This does not fix my problem since I want it to maximize after the call has ended, and I don't think that is possible on Nokia S60 devices?

    Does anyone have a solution for this problem?


    (Using S60 3rd FP1 devices)

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    Can you please refer the link below,
    Thanks with Regards,

    R a j - The K e r n e l

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    Re: Resume MIDlet after phone call using platformRequest

    Hi occe,
    read the platformRequest() method documentation
    It says :
    If the platform has the appropriate capabilities and resources available, it SHOULD bring the appropriate application to the foreground and let the user interact with the content, while keeping the MIDlet suite running in the background. If the platform does not have appropriate capabilities or resources available, it MAY wait to handle the URL request until after the MIDlet suite exits. In this case, when the requesting MIDlet suite exits, the platform MUST then bring the appropriate application (if one exists) to the foreground to let the user interact with the content.

    example code look like this
    boolean result = parent.platformRequest(url);
    // Show alert to user like before to open this link you need to exit the application
    parent.notifyPaused(); // It will bring back the midlet

    It means to do the patformRequest it require some capabilities from the phone. It's totally dependents on the capabilities. In the newer Nokia phones S40 mobiles it will bring the midlet back

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