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    Lightbulb possibility of using nokia GPS phone as standalone GPS receiver?

    as topic,
    done some search over google, seems no one has his hands onto this yet.

    logically it should be possible i feel,

    the idea is, due to the limitation of keyboard/screen size, GPS phone is not perfect GPS device,

    however it would be a brilliant idea (at least I think), by connecting a GPS phone with Notebook computers, and using the GPS receiving function plus 3G internet connection, to expend notebook into GPS device.

    some thoughts, steps to do this will include:
    1. extract GPS single from phone.
    2. transfer to computer
    3. simulate the signal into google earth compatible format

    pros: unlimited flexibility when GPSing over PC, perfect gear for travelers and road trips.
    cons: the whole thing, however can be done by simply adding a GPS receiver dongle, without going through the software development trouble.

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    Re: possibility of using nokia GPS phone as standalone GPS receiver?

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