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    Smile silently read received mails from remote server?

    Hi All Restected,
    I am trying to read and make a log for all fetch mail from remote server silently.
    I am trying to writing the code TMsvId is making me confuse, approch to use?
    TImPop3GetMailInfo Pop3GetMailInfo; // setup a mail info buffer

    Pop3GetMailInfo.iMaxEmailSize = KMaxTUint;
    Pop3GetMailInfo.iDestinationFolder = iServiceId;
    TPckgBuf<TImPop3GetMailInfo> package(Pop3GetMailInfo);

    Any one would you like to help me and guide me how can i do it?
    Please guide me.
    Regards Rajat.

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    Re: silently read received mails from remote server?

    I could close this thread but then you will ask me: why?
    Let me then ask you a question: Can you please explain why do you think that posting your messaging related question on the Carbide.c++ IDE forum is in any way better than posting on the Messaging forum?
    -- Lucian

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