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    Region specific service applications

    This is a question for Ovi store developers/designers.

    Will the Ovi store consider the region information if applicable to the specific application?

    What if my application provides service information in the U.K. only - and I don't want to show it in regions other than the U.K.? Or I could have one version of the application for each region - and I want to show it only in this region.

    Would it be possible to do?


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    Re: Region specific service applications

    Thank you for the question. The Ovi Store does support distribution of content in specific or various regions. Content Publishers have the ability to select what countries, languages, and devices the content item will be available for. Additionally, one content item can contain different files to distribute to each country, language, or device. This ensures publishers will have the ability to distribute their content globally.

    Hope this is helpful.

    Best Regards,

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