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    Smile how to read all fetch mail silently?

    Hi All Restected,
    NOTE : I have configured my device and emulator for pop3 to send receive mails, all are working fine.
    Latest I got some instruction about my problem;
    CMsvEntry* MsvEntry = iModel->GetMsvEntryL(EmailIndex - 1);
    CPop3ClientMtm* Pop3Mtm = static_cast<CPop3ClientMtm*>(iModel->iClientReg->NewMtmL(KUidMsgTypePOP3);

    here I am confuse about iModel and how should i declare and use?
    If I hardly try to do than i can do it, but my application will terminate when my pointer reach on SwitchCurrentEntryL statement.
    What should i do to over come from this problem.
    I am trying to read and make a log for all fetch mail from remote server silently.
    I am trying to writing the code TMsvId is making me confuse, approch to use?
    TImPop3GetMailInfo Pop3GetMailInfo; // setup a mail info buffer

    Pop3GetMailInfo.iMaxEmailSize = KMaxTUint;
    Pop3GetMailInfo.iDestinationFolder = iServiceId;
    TPckgBuf<TImPop3GetMailInfo> package(Pop3GetMailInfo);

    Any one would you like to help me and guide me how can i do it?
    Please guide me.
    Regards Rajat.
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