Dear all,

I am a software developper active in the field of novel mobile software applications. I live and work in Belgium and France. Next week I am coming to the USA to go to conferences in NY and Boston to demonstrate some of the software me and my collegues have developped. To do so, I need to know a thing or two about data plans in the US.

Basicly I need to have mobile internet access (3G/GPRS/EDGE, not CDMA stuff) on 3 Nokia phones which I will bring myself. The phones are compatible with the US GSM/UMTS frequency band (1900MHz). However, to avoid expensive data roaming costs I want to use SIM cards with a data plan from a US operator. Since I will only be in US during 10 days (before going back to Europe) I would prefer use a prepaid plan, something which I could buy together with the SIM cards upon arriving in the US. Because the bandwidth needs of the software I want to demonstrate are fairly limited, I think a 100MB (per phone) data plan would suffice to use and demonstrate our stuff during those 10 days.

So my question is, what are my options within the product ranges of US GSM operators (e.g. AT&T?)? And what are the costs and conditions?
Thanks in advance for your replies.


M. Stevens