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    Problem in installing Carbide C++

    Is there anybody who can help in installing Carbide C++

    *** Problem with Carbide C++ ver 2.0 - After 10% of installation it shows an error CRC problem - backup file does not match to the installer kind of error message
    ( Remember configuration of my PC is upto the mark except processor speed 1.69 which is actually required 1.8 something)

    *** Problem with Carbide C++ ver 1.3 - It gets installed fully but does not work (means after running application it shows something for loading then it gets disappeared)

    Help me friends in getting Carbide C++ installed : Thanks in advance

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    Re: Problem in installing Carbide C++

    CRC error might be due to the problem in downloaded setup. you might try downloading it in some higher speed internet connection.

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    Problem installing Carbide C++

    **** Mr S. Kumar I will download it through faster internet connection. (For Carvide ver 2.0)

    *** "An unexpected error has been detected by HotSpot Virtual Machine: " This is the error log I am getting when I install carbide C++ 1.3, although my JVM is latest and properly tested online through SUN java. Help me any how

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    Re: Problem installing Carbide C++

    Updating your JVM installation probably will not affect Carbide, because it uses its own one - and I guess this also applies to the installer (if it is Java at all). The speed of your CPU should not matter much, if you are suspecting hardware incompatibility, knowing the type/family of the CPU would be more important.

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