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    Do we have Touch API in J2ME?


    I am planing to create touch based J2ME application. Currently I am not sure if you can control touch input in canvas based application. Do we have JSRxxx for that and in which devices it is implemented?


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    Re: Do we have Touch API in J2ME?

    Canvas has the methods hasPointerEvents() and hasPointerMotionEvents(). These allow you to find out what the touch-screen capabilities of the device are. Pointer events (if supported) are delivered by pointerPressed(x,y), pointerReleased(x,y) and pointerDragged(x,y).

    (Strictly, these are not touch-screen events specifically. They could relate to any kind of pointer-based input, like a mouse or trackball. However, I have only seen them supported on touch-screen devices.)

    You need no specific JSRs. These features are standard in MIDP-1.0 and later. Since they exist on all MIDP devices, you do not need a specific "touch" version of your application.


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