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    [moved] Its like holding the hands of infants

    Every day there is posting that goes along these lines:

    OP >>
    "I get an error when building. What is the problem?"

    Forum Nokia Champion >>
    "Well what is the error?"

    OP >>
    "Compilation error : Unrecognized symbol: ImIncompettnt"

    Forum Nokia Champion >>
    "Ok, so maybe we could see the code?"

    OP >>
    class ImIncompetent : public CBase
    TInt aX;
    TInt x;

    ImIncompettnt* aclass;
    TInt result = aclass->x;

    Forum Nokia Champion >>
    "Did you notice that the compiler is actually telling you what the problem is, it says it can't recognize the symbol ImIncompettnt."

    OP >>
    "Please help me."

    Some kind person >>
    "You have misspelt ImIncompetent as ImIncompettnt"

    OP >>
    "Ok but now I get another problem"

    Forum Nokia Champion >>
    "what problem?"

    OP >>
    "my code crushes"

    Forum Nokia Champion >>
    "Chrashes how, crashes where?"

    OP >>
    " SOmewhere in the code, when I run it it crushes"

    Forum Nokia Champion >>
    "Which line is causing the problem"

    OP >>
    "I don't know"

    Forum Nokia Champion >>
    "Debug it in the emulator and find out what line is causing the problem"

    OP >>
    TInt result = aclass->x;

    Forum Nokia Champion >>
    "If you have a class deriving from CBase that means it has to be allocated on the heap doesn't it?"

    At this point the OP will go silent and never respond to this thread again, however as they are unsatisfied because the FNC didn't show them the actual code to fix the problem, they will post the question on www.newlc.com and several other sites along with re-posting it on this forum but with a different username. Until eventually somebody actually writes the code for them. But then the saga still isn't finished, if the person writing the code shows includes a typo for example, the OP will copy it verbatim into their code and when it doesn't compile the thread will continue for a few more rounds.

    The pathetic thing in this is, the above is not an exaggeration, it really does happen like this virtually every day.
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    Re: [moved] Its like holding the hands of infants

    well i guess there are different kinds of people around:

    * those who write their own code
    * those who copy and still manage to correct the errors and go ahead fluently
    * those who copy, and are lucky to find no errors and continue
    * those who copy / or don't read enough and start writing, and then don't search enough in the Forum/wiki.
    Most of the time, if they search for errors, they will find answers, but then, they don't want to read through the answers, and just see the last line, "do this" and without understanding, they do...

    this will happen, always....

    Between, errors like "undefined symbol, undefined identifier, etc" are all things common to C++ and to be understood before jumping in to Symbian, however, one can learn C++ and Symbian at the same time too
    Amit Kankani
    Nokia Developer Champion

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