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    Post start 2 applications from a widget

    hey all

    how must it look like when I would start 2 applications from 2 links (image with link) in a widget with the S60UID?

    in the html:

    <input type="image" onclick="launchApp('img4')" value="LaunchApp"><img id="img4" src="pic/picture1.png" width="80" height="80" align="center"><br>

    how musst the second image-link look to work with the .js-file?

    and in the .js (I only want to start an app - not this part with the green/red symbol of an error like in the example):

    // Launch application

    function launchApp(imgId)


    // get the appid by calling the getList()

    var appid = prompt("Please enter the AppId", "s60uid://0x101f4cce");

    if(appid == "" || appid == null)


    var opt = new Object();

    opt.Mode = "Standalone";

    var criteria = new Object();

    criteria.ApplicationID = appid;

    criteria.Option = opt;

    try {

    var result = so.IAppManager.LaunchApp(criteria);



    catch (e) {


    alert ("launchApp: " + e);




    It would be great if someone could help me :-)


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    Re: start 2 applications from a widget

    would it be rather easy to give different onclick handler functions for different images, then it would be really easy to determine which application to launch.

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    Re: start 2 applications from a widget

    Thanks a lot ... But I've got the little tool ready I've used the onclick feature ^^and it works well. Now I've got my little favourite-app-application.

    Only making it dynamic (safe which program should be shown etc. is too complicated for me. so it only works on my phone with my installed apps).

    Best regards


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