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    flash embeded in symbian.c++ ?

    I want to do a photo viewer...
    it is done in flash, but have no thumbs, so I want to make a symbian.c++ that in it's graphic to embed flash, and when flash needs a thumb, it can comunicate to symbian.c++ and retrive that thumb...

    so it is possible?

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    Re: flash embeded in symbian.c++ ?

    On an S60 phones the flash content can be displayed in three ways:
    - in the native browser
    - in the Flash Player
    - an a standalone application in which the native stub does nothing but start the flash animation, without interacting with the animation in any other way

    So the easy answer is no, you cannot use the flash rendering engine from an active native application.

    What you can do (done already by many) is have a native application implement a basic web server running in the background. Your flash animation will then connect to this server and exchange commands and data with it.

    See KuneriLite for example, it is a ready made framework that could help you implement your application using the above described architecture.
    -- Lucian

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    Re: flash embeded in symbian.c++ ?

    One option should be added: native C++ application using Browser Control API. This will be able to display Flash inside a window which is a subwindow of your C++ GUI application. Exchange of data between C++ via a scheme, sockets or data file.


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