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Thread: GSM Filtering

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    GSM Filtering

    Hello Readers,

    I'd like to create a filter driver to all GSM (SMS, CALL, G3) communication transfers.
    From what I've seen it is the layer under the Etel (RtelServer) which controls the TSY components.
    Can anyone instruct me on how can I create a lower filter driver (Between the TSY and the Hardware) that receives all the outputs of the TSY components?
    If you have knowledge of how making an upper filter driver (between the ETel and the TSY) it will also help me.
    A mapping of "TSY component" to it's responsibility would also be nice (like sms.tsy -> sms)

    Thanks in advance.

    Mike Pauller

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    Re: GSM Filtering

    Uusually it is enough to open one thread for each question you have, so lets continue this on the other thread: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=163444

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