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This project explores the logistics and method to be able to use email from most mobile devices today. The underlying qualifier is that Java ME (J2ME) should be available on the device. We document what a user expects from an email client and how to achieve that in a limited device.

Email On Your Mobile Device (cell phone, PDA)


Have a scalable email solution for mobile devices so any pop-SMTP email account can be accessed from a J2ME enabled device.

To study, document and make a working solution for the following:-
1. User interface and features of a good mobile email client solution.
2 Server - requirements and interfaces.
3. Client - application design and considerations.

Usual email operations - read email, reply, attachments, address book, view offline.
Plus a few out of the box :-
Ability to compose emails, store them on the client device and send them at a future date (or the next time the device is connected after the preset future date) This is useful in cases such a birthday. The user can compose an email when they are free (like when waiting in a traffic jam) and send the set the device to send the email at a future date

Test plan
Testing results
J2ME jar and jad (runtime), J2EE (server side ear - runtime)

Technical Background and Context

We assume a device that has MIDP 1.1 profile with GPRS (internet connection) capablities. The user should have shared the connection with the application (done by default on most popular phones like Nokia, Sony)

Technical Approach

On a normal computer it is easy to make a POP/ SMTP client as there are many libraries that implment this. We can make an application using these or even use an open source client and customize the look and feel or add new functionality like we would like to.

On mobile devices J2ME there are factors that affect the way we would approach and solve this problem compared to other computers:
1. the manufactuererrs place restrictions on what a an application can do. For example an unsigned device cannot open a plain socket connection. Or if it needs to use internet connection the user has to allow it once per session (of invoking the application and exiting it.)

2. the SMTP/POP libraries are not available on mobile devices and to implement them

3. there is a limitation on the space available on some of these devices

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