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Thread: ...and themes?

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    Question ...and themes?

    Finally we are allowed to publish on OVI, but...... there is a problem.
    In new content item window appear only 4 icons, applications, widgets, java and flash.
    We need to upload themes for S60 3rd 5th edition, icon exist on publisher guide, but not on web.
    There is a similar personalization-theme in flash section, but I think is not good.
    How can we publish themes?

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    Unhappy Re: ...and themes?

    I'm waiting an answer to start publishing!

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    Question Re: ...and themes?

    the same problem. we need to publish ringtones and wallpapers but we have only Flash Application, Symbian Applicaion, Java Application and WRT Widget in the content type area. what should we do?

    i tried to upload mp3 ringtone in the Flash content type. because there is a category "personlization ringtones" there. but the content item doesn't pass the QA. the support say the correct content type should be "Ringtone Pack". what is a Ringtone Pack?

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