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    Angry Emulator Debug works fine, but Phone Debug (ARMV5) gives errors

    vikas is my project in (Carbide C++1.2, SDK 3rd FP2)
    There are following 3 errors:

    ERROR: cpp.EXE failure vikas Unknown 1238432528831 160

    make[1]: *** No rule to make target `\S60\devices\S60_3rd_FP2_SDK\EPOC32\BUILD\Symbian\Carbide\workspace\vikas\group\VIKAS\ARMV5\VIKAS.ARMV5'.
    Unknown 1238432528831 161

    RVCT not isntalled or 'armcc' is not on PATH. Please check that your environment for the RVCT compiler is correct. vikas Unknown 1238432528831 159


    Kindly Reply !!!

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    Re: Emulator Debug works fine, but Phone Debug (ARMV5) gives errors

    So what exactly is the problem? Carbide.c++ is reporting that you don't have the RVCT compiler and that is likely to be true.
    If you do have the compiler (and a valid license) then please come back with such detail and we shall look for another cause for your problem.

    Meanwhile you may want to have a look at yesterday's useful link in my signature.
    -- Lucian

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