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    How can I get the IAP ID from device?

    How can I get the IAP ID from device?

    I use below code:
    RSocketServ socketServ; RConnection connection; User::LeaveIfError(socketServ.Connect()); if( !connection.SubSessionHandle() ) { User::LeaveIfError(connection.Open(socketServ)); } TCommDbConnPref connPref; connPref.SetDialogPreference( ECommDbDialogPrefDoNotPrompt ); connPref.SetDirection( ECommDbConnectionDirectionOutgoing ); connPref.SetIapId( TUint32( 4 ) ); User::LeaveIfError( connection.Start( connPref ) ); connection.Stop(); connection.Close(); socketServ.Close();
    I run it, but got the error code :
    I know the error is at :
    connPref.SetIapId( TUint32( 4 ) );
    How can I get the IAPId and set it? IAP is Internet Access Providers?
    How can I get the GPRS IAPId ?I want to use RSocket to establish GPRS connection.

    Please give me a hand,very thanks!

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    Re: How can I get the IAP ID from device?

    坚持学习, 坚持编码

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