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    Want to Learn Ovi

    Would someone be able to point me in the right direction about publishing Ovi and how you learned to do it? Are there recommended books or areas to go to that lets you know the details about how to do this? Or am I making the whole process too complicated.

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    Re: Want to Learn Ovi

    There isn't any particulars on how to learn in this respect, except learning the various tools and SDKs for different Nokia devices; S40 Java, S60 Java, S60 C++, Flash Lite, and different versions thereof. There are books for that part.

    Once you know how to create the content (applications/games, screensavers, whatever), then the Ovi Publish web interface allows you to submit it foe sales through Ovi Store. No books written about that (and if someone wrote a book, it would be very thin).

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