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    changing S60 to S40? 6650 phone

    I just upgraded to a 6650 with the S60 operating system, but previously had the 6555 with the S40 system. I prefer the S40 system because the menu navigation is easier for me. Is there a way to convert my 6650 phone from the S60 OS to having the S40 instead? I love the hardware features of the 6650 (bigger screen, memory card slot on side, changing keypad color lights, etc), but find the menu a bit challenging to navigate. Help please Thanks!

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    Re: changing S60 to S40? 6650 phone

    I am afraid that's not possible. If you want a phone with S40, you need to buy a phone model that comes with S40 from the factory. You can switch operating systems yourself.

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    Smile Re: changing S60 to S40? 6650 phone

    just check out the various device details here before buying


    and software-update site just check out various FAQs and phone which have updates:

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