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    E61i and SDHC Cards?

    Hi there!

    i considered to expand my disc space with an new memory card...
    at the moment ive got a 2gb microsd....ive read in the inet that sdhc mc also work....is that true? because i also read the opposite

    somebody here who tried it or could try it for me
    because i dont wanna buy a 16gb sdch and rip off the wrapping and i wont work and i cant reposit it to the seller at ebay eg....

    thank a lot folks!


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    Re: E61i and SDHC Cards?

    Read the user guide and the technical specifications of the phone at http://wwww.nokia.com/support

    If you want to experiment with unsupported memory card capacities you may want to discuss with other users first, for example at http://discussions.europe.nokia.com
    -- Lucian

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