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    Thumbs down Nokia n81 8gd Mass memmory Propblem

    i have an N81 8gb Phone.
    the mass memmory is showing unavailiable.
    if i switch off the phone for 1 or 2 hour, and when i switch on, the phones mass memmory is ok.

    after 5 mins its agan unavaiabale by showing a message " Remove memmory card and press ok "

    Whatz the meaing of this .
    Its already running on Version 21.0.010 [ i upgraded it through nokia, as mass memmory was unavaialable]

    Can anybody help me.
    sorry for wrong place post.

    Somebody from nokia get back to me on 14vivin@gmail.com , or my mobile number 00919747012347 (anytime)
    Thanks in advance.....
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    Re: Nokia n81 8gd Mass memmory Propblem

    Pasting your contact info on a public site is not a good idea, you should edit your message and remove it.

    This is not Nokia's product support site. What you are looking for is http://www.nokia.com/support or http://discussions.europe.nokia.com
    -- Lucian

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    Re: Nokia n81 8gd Mass memmory Propblem

    And to make sure things are really reset from a software/firmware point of view, I'd first:

    1: Reformat the mass memory on the phone.
    2: Reset the phone by "dialing" *#7370# or maybe even reformat it with the power off + press down '3'+'*'+green/talk keys and while they're down power the phone on.

    After that, the phone will be truly in a "virgin" state. If the behaviour continues even after that, then it is in all likelihood a hardware related problem and you should have your nearest Nokia authorized repair/service center take a look at the phone.

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