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    Getting "Feature not Supported (-5)" while trying to get the metadata of a audiofile


    I am developong an audioplayer application which can record and playback wav files. While playing I have to display the information about the audio file on the playback screen(metadata:artistname,albumname,titlename,etc). I have used CMdaAudioRecorderUtility to record and play the recorded file. To get the metadata information I have used the methods GetNumberOfMetaDataEntries() and GetMetaDataEntryL() provided by CMdaAudioRecorderUtility class. I have written a function GetMetaDataL() to extract the metadata values of the audio file and calling it after the PlayL(). I am getting the error "Feature not Supported (-5)" error. If any one knows how to resolve this error please let me know. Attached is the code snippet.

    GetMetaDataL() function:

    void CAudioRecorder:: GetMetaDataL(TDes& aTitle,TDes& aAlbum,TDes& aArtist,TDes& aGenre,CMdaAudioRecorderUtility& aUtility)
    TInt MDNumEntries(0);

    for ( TInt j = 0; j < MDNumEntries; j++ )
    CMMFMetaDataEntry* entry = aUtility.GetMetaDataEntryL(j);

    //if(errorValue == KErrNone)
    if (entry->Name().CompareF(KMMFMetaEntrySongTitle) == KErrNone)
    else if (entry->Name().CompareF(KMMFMetaEntryAlbum) == KErrNone)
    else if (entry->Name().CompareF(KMMFMetaEntryArtist) == KErrNone)
    else if (entry->Name().CompareF(KMMFMetaEntryGenre) == KErrNone)


    The above function is called inside a function after play function is called,


    *** iToneUtility is an instance of aGenre,CMdaAudioRecorderUtility

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    Re: Getting "Feature not Supported (-5)" while trying to get the metadata of a audio

    i think you have to use the following API CMdaAudioPlayerUtility to get the meta data entries while playing the audio file and not CMdaAudioRecorderUtility

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