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    An application that sells transport tickets

    I have an existing application that I think would be very good to distribute via Ovi. However, my reading of the terms and conditions of the agreement leaves me thinking that it doesn't quite apply to my application and I would like to seek some clarification.

    My application is developed for a large transport provider to lookup schedules and to purchase tickets. I do not collect the revenue directly, this is done by the transport provider. My application is just the conduit to connect the user to the transport provider.

    The Ovi agreement is written to apply to applications that are either distributed for free and never charge the user anything, or for applications that the user pays for. The agreement prohibits a free application from charging the user at any point in the future.

    My application is the content downloaded from Ovi, but the user isn't paying anything for this content ever, the user is paying for tickets purchased through my application.

    Could someone from the Ovi team please provide some clarification on the terms of the agreement and how it applies to a ticket selling application?



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    Re: An application that sells transport tickets

    You should not expect Nokia to explain you the conditions of a legal agreement that you will sign with Nokia itself. Instead have your lawyer work a bit for his money.

    However, it is obvious (to me) that you are not charging the user at any time - unless you want to make the initial download of the app cost 1€. If the user pays only the ticket price through your application then nobody will ever come to ask you about your business relationship with the transport company.
    -- Lucian

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