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    Question Listing files in c:\\sys\\bin

    I want to list the files (.exe) in c:\\sys\\bin folder.

    	QDir m_ContentDir;
    	QFileInfoList fileList = m_ContentDir.entryInfoList(QStringList(), QDir::AllEntries | QDir::Executable, QDir::Time);
        int count = fileList.count();
    Now the problem is that count is always zero for c:\\sys\\bin folder. I've checked the c:\\sys\\bin folder and quite obviously its not empty.

    I've tried with QFileDialog too, but its showing that the folder is empty.
    So can anybody propose any workaround?
    Thnx in advance

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    Re: Listing files in c:\\sys\\bin


    C:\sys\bin is protected by Platform Security. To read the contents you need AllFiles capability and to write to it you need TCB - these capabilities can only be granted by the device manufacturer (and will not be granted in most cases).

    What sort of application are you trying to develop?


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