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    Question The VAT/TAX ID field on the form

    I am an independent developer from Nigeria with several apps ready for the Ovi store - been looking forward to the Store for a while now. My problem now is that I do not have a Tax ID or VAT ID - in my country, the tax is added to the cost of each product, and I do not need an ID to pay. I want to register to publish via OVI - is there a way out as I do not won a company yet?
    Thanks for your response.

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    Re: The VAT/TAX ID field on the form

    Hello Daydah,

    The Tax ID or VAT ID, is not a requirement for publishing companies situated where these are not used. However, you do need to have a registered company and our suggestion is that you have a functional website with a support address. Every publisher registration is reviewed and some are not approved. So, put all the registration requirements in order before you submit it.

    Best regards,

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