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    Socket Programming in Symbian C++

    Hi All,

    May I know where can I find an example for a server program that binds and listens on a specific IP address and port on the PC desktop and a client program that runs on the mobile phone and sends messages over TCP/IP to the server program?

    Also, is socket programming in Symbian C++ similar to that in C++?
    Do we use functions like bind(), listen(), accept(), send(), receive() in Symbian C++ socket programming?


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    Re: Socket Programming in Symbian C++

    you have 2 choice, 1, use openc api, it is a sdk-plugin, and some phone need install extend sis package, but it is very similar with unix socket.

    2. you can use symbian socket, it is default symbian network api, sdk C:\Symbian\8.0a\S60_2nd_FP2_CW\Series60Ex\sockets have a example, and you can find more example in wiki, google, etc, key word is RSocket.
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