Got a question, mainly because this is something that I am only running into now, but is worth asking:

Is it possible for the MWS's data folder/files (MWS/Data/...) to be hosted from one's memory card. And then appending the MWS lookup to also look on the memory card for that folder path, using the latest database to show content from the site?

Essentially, I am trying to get around the fact that if one is hosting an MWS site, and moves from one mobile to another, they also have to go through the process of copying the Data folder to a memory card, and then copying that folder again to the other mobile.

It would seem to me that it would be a bit smarter of the MWS to not only be able to be read from a microSD card, but also able to be saved there (rewriting the previous version) so that it is in effect a backup version of the site, that can survive a phone being switched.

Just a thought.