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    Carbide default project requires ReadDeviceData capabilities

    Hi there

    I've found a some strange behaviour in Carbide.

    If you create a Symbian OS C++ Project with the S60 GUI Application template in Carbide 2.0 the project Carbide generates always seems to require ReadDeviceData capability. At least according to the epocwind.out file.

    I have enabled all Platform security diagnostics in the epoc.ini file:
    PlatSecDiagnostics ON
    PlatSecEnforceSysBin ON
    PlatSecProcessIsolation ON
    PlatSecEnforcement ON
    PlatSecDisabledCaps NONE

    And then starting the recently created "empty" project I get the following in epocwind.out:
    *PlatSec* ERROR - Capability check failed - Process HelloWorld was checked by Thread HelloWorld::HelloWorld and was found to be missing the capabilities: ReadDeviceData . Additional diagnostic message: Checked whilst trying to Get a Publish and Subscribe Property

    The same seems to apply if you import a Bld.inf file in Carbide 2.0. You can verify this with HelloWorldBasic.

    Has anyone seen the same thing? And is there a solution to this? Or should I just disregard the error message in epocwind.out?


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    Re: Carbide default project requires ReadDeviceData capabilities

    Your code is very likely not trying to access any P&S keys so the error is not your problem, just ignore it.

    Not all errors are fatal, some lines like the ones below anywhere in the system code would generate the error message you see while having no impact on application's execution:
    TRAPD(error, TryAccessPSAlthoughWillAlwaysFailL());
    -- Lucian

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