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    How to store .PNG image for j2me application

    i'm using adobe photoshop to create .png image files for best pixels and using netbeans 6.5 to create j2me apps..problem is the photos are failing to load yet the app is compiling without errors.where do i store the image in the netbeansproject files?is it in src, nbproject or properties folder?and do i need to declare them in the manifest/jad for them to be loaded?

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    Re: How to store .PNG image for j2me application

    You can store the images under src folder. I'd suggest you create a subfolder for them.

    Then you can load the image in program as follows:
    Image img = Image.createImage("/subfoldername/imagename.png");
    Of course if you don't create the subfolder for them, then just use "/imagename.png" in createImage method. Oh and note that createImage throws IOException which you should handle.

    Hope that helps.

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    Try as max as possible not to start the same thread,here you ask the same query,
    did you read the reply..
    Thanks with Regards,

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    this is worst to start new thread for the same problem. Please be continue with the same as Raj suggests u..


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