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    Ovi Store, Nokia Software Market and License Management

    Hi all,
    currently in the Nokia Software Market, developers can upload a list of License Keys and after each purchase the system automatically delivers one license key to the customer.

    Will Ovi Store support (at least) this kind of automatic license delivery?

    If this delivery will not be supported, will Ovi Store send any realtime notification to the publisher, containing the details of the purchase?

    Initially I was thinking about Ovi Store like a replacement of the Nokia Software Market, but I'm starting to believe that it will be just a channel suitable to distribuite free contents only, because seems to be totally missing any kind of license management in the Ovi Store.

    Currently, I bet that more than 90% of commercial applications available on the market are using a classic registration code protection, based on device IMEI.
    Without any kind of license management, how we're supposed to distribuite commercial applications through Ovi Store?

    Maybe, the license management will be introduced in a later stage?

    Any official reply would be appriciated.

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    Re: Ovi Store, Nokia Software Market and License Management

    I totally agree with Marco's comment - any official reply would be appreciated!

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