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    N810 WIFI using AES encryption

    I have recently purchased N810 and have been having issues trying to connect to WIFI/WLAN using AES. Iam able to connect PSk in wpa mode, but not AES in wpa2 mode. please help.
    I apologize if I have posted this in the wrong forum, if so, please let me know.

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    Re: N810 WIFI using AES encryption

    I have a similar issue with an E71.

    My SSID is configured as WPA2-PSK with AES and I cannot get my E71 to connect properly.

    I see an association to my AP (Cisco 1242AG), but no data is able to pass TO the phone, but it appears that data can pass FROM the phone because I see a DHCP request on my router (Cisco 2801).

    Connecting to an SSID with no encryption/security is fine. The phone associates, sends a DHCP request, receives a response, and I am able to browse, make SIP calls, etc.

    Any help greatly appreciated!

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    Re: N810 WIFI using AES encryption

    I have solved my issue. Adding the command "world-mode dot11d country AU indoor" to my Dot11Radio0 interface has now allowed my phone to associate to a WPA2/AES secured SSID.

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    AES encryption problem with java


    i am using aes encryption in symbian (aes/pkcs7/cbc/) and (no cbc/no padding) using encrypter and cBuffered encrypter method

    no padding and no cbc create problem while generation of cipher text and there is no compability of pkccs5 with aes/cbc of java

    i want to know what is exact problem to make code workable with

    java server(aes/cbc/iv)

    plz help me out from situation

    thanks in advance

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