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    Smile Can I Use S60 5th SDK develope apps for S60 3rd 2FP devices

    Dear everyone,

    I am new comer to Symbian C++, when I make choice of SDK to developing app for S60 3rd FP2 devices, I get confused by following message in S60 5th SDK' releaseNotes.txt:

    The S60 5th Edition SDK v1.0 enables application development using C++,...... for devices based on the S60 Platform.

    Dese it mean I can use S60 5th SDK to develop apps for S60 3rd FP2 devices?

    I tried to search this topic, but didnot get quick answer.


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    Re: Can I Use S60 5th SDK develope apps for S60 3rd 2FP devices

    AFAIK you can not use S60 5th SDK for developing S60 3rd edition applications.

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    Re: Can I Use S60 5th SDK develope apps for S60 3rd 2FP devices

    you ideally should not, as there are many features which differs.
    Between generally, you can develop for newer phones with older SDK (provided there is no break in binary compatibility) but never the other way around as then more likely you will face problem.

    Hence suggesting that you use the 3rd FP2 sdk or previous versions of the SDK only.
    Amit Kankani
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